Saturday, May 1, 2010

Elias Hansen @ Lawrimore Project (review)

This extensive, light-filled gallery provides the back rooms, hallways, and cement-floored spaces necessary for us to explore Hansen's work.  "We Used To Get So High" is a dirty mirror reflecting our young selves' inquiries into drug-warped perceptions.  If the lawn chair on the portaledge bolted to a retaining wall over railroad tracks or the guitar-shaped coffin box lined with a dirty blanket feel inviting to you, the drugs have not worn off.  And they may not ever:   Here the giant white pentagonal shapes emerging from the white wall are the chemical makeup of LSD--and you are let in on the grand idea that it's bigger than you.     

The show is darkly humorous and it's fun to get completely lost in it.  The Lawrimore space rocks for this show.  Cremaster Six, the slinky white cat, roams around, too, making the whole show more surreal.

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