Friday, June 18, 2010

Lynda Benglis @ MOG June 23-27

From the Tacoma Museum of Glass website:

"Lynda Benglis is a pioneer of the Post-Minimalist movement of the 1960s and is perhaps best known for her poured sculptures, including her translation of Jackson Pollock’s drip technique into sculptural forms. Over her notable career, she has worked with myriad materials—from plastic, wax and polyurethane to ceramics, bronze and video—creating works that portray her interest in themes of body and gender. A 40-year retrospective exhibition organized by the Irish Museum of Modern Art is currently traveling and will open at the Rhode Island School of Design this fall. During her residency, Benglis will utilize African masks as canvases for applications of glass using with her own unique aesthetic sensibility."

Conversation with the Artist: June 27, 2 pm

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