Monday, October 18, 2010

David Meinart on Chihuly/KEXP

At the blog Publicola, David Meinart has written "A Two-State Solution to the Seattle Center Debate" in which he makes the point that the two can exist side by side in the former Fun Forest: one is paying rental fees, drawing in tourists, and providing a $2 million playground; the other satisfies Seattleites who want something more public and less "upper-middle class tchotchkes" as one commenter writes.  (KEXP is a local radio station supported by public donations.)

Dave Meinart October 2010:

"What C21 didn’t consider, but is also true is that the Chihuly exhibit will bring the most income to the City (about $1 million per year between rent, direct admissions and B&O taxes and even more if secondary business activity is taken into consideration), drive the most people to the Center, and most benefit the neighboring small businesses.
But the most interesting part of the C21 report that seems to have been missed by most of the reporting on the proposals, is that even with its criticism of KEXP’s bid, the C21 committee still recommended Seattle Center find an alternative location for KEXP on campus."

Meinart, D. "A Two-State Solution to the Seattle Center Debate."  Publicola.  October 12, 2010.

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