Sunday, October 31, 2010

Louisville: Not a Boring Backwater

Glass Sculpture
Photo Credit: Flickr user Chad Orlikowski
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In the Louisville Courier-Journal today, Elizabeth Kramer sums up the recent arts conference activity in the city.  Actively recruiting and advertising the Louisville as the place to hold your arts convention has paid off with many groups choosing the city, including the Glass Art Society conference this year.  Falling short of the $1 million formerly cited as the money GAS brought to Louisville, it is nonetheless significant, and Seattle should be so lucky in 2011.

                     Elizabeth Kramer, October 2010:

"This year, the Glass Art Society held its 40th annual conference in Louisville, after the city beat out Santa Fe, N.M. That came about through the efforts of local collector Merrily Orsini and University of Louisville art professor Ché Rhodes, who had served on the group's board of directors. That event brought $807,000 to the city.  Moreover, these three conventions involved galleries across the region. They participated by having exhibits, gallery talks and other events, and these brought new people through their doors.  Swanson-Reed Gallery co-owner Chuck Swanson recalled some of the first comments he heard from the NCECA conference attendees.

“They were telling me that they almost didn't come to the conference,” he said, “because they thought it would be a boring backwater city. And then they found out it was exactly the opposite: good places to eat, great galleries and fun bars. They were just amazed.”

Swanson says the gallery was packed every day with people who were knowledgeable and enthusiastic about art. And they loved Louisville." "

Kramer, E. "Stregnthen the arts and you get a richer, more vibrant city." Louisville Courier-Journal.  October 31, 2010.  accessed October 31, 2010.

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